As the app says:  “Your goal is to amass more points than your opponent. You start the game by pressing “Start”. A short countdown allows each player time to position their fingers over their respective Stop buttons. The game then starts, quickly counting up to 1000. Your task is to hit your Stop button before the buzzer goes off, but as close to 1000 as possible. The higher the number, the higher your score. Sound easy? Well, not quite.

The buzzer sounds at a random point before 1000, and it eliminates your chance to score. In other words, hit Stop too soon, you get too few points; hit it too late and you risk not getting any.

Your opponent is trying to do the same thing. But the player who holds out and presses Stop last, will earn a bonus for the extra time (that bonus is the difference between when the Stop buttons were pressed). So, not only is it best to be the second one who presses Stop, but, when you’re second, it’s even better if you waited a bit before you hit Stop.  Alas, when the buzzer goes off, the player who hasn’t hit Stop gets a big fat zero. Those are the rules. Nothing personal.

Good Luck!!”

Download it from iTunes and give it a try.  It’s free!


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