ClefTunes is a musical note playing app, aimed at those who are learning how to read music or anyone who wants to create beautiful melodies when away from a musical instrument. The interface was designed to be simply beautiful, elegantly simple, with a rich and superb instrument synthesizer. We believe that you will find ClefTunes a joy to use and play.

ClefTunes inherits much of ClefNotes’ popular features such as configurable sheet styles:

ClefNotes also supports a plethora of musical instruments.

These musical instruments are easily selected by pressing on the instrument icon in the lower right corner. This will present a list of installed instruments. Simply tap on one to hear a sample of its notes. Tapping outside of the list will dismiss it and allow you to start using that instrument.

You can keep this list short by only installing your top instruments and thus allowing you to quickly go from instrument to instrument.

To delete or install instruments, scroll to the bottom of the instrument list, and tap on the “Manage Instruments” button:

You will now see the “Manage Instruments” list.

In this list, you can peruse the list of instruments installed, instruments available from our servers, and instruments that come bundled in ClefTunes. If you’d like to delete an installed instrument, then swipe horizontally over the instrument. If you wish to delete more than one instrument at a time, or install new instruments from either the network or the bundled instruments, then tap on the Edit button in the top right corner of the list.

Keep in mind that instruments from our server will take a bit of time to download, and once downloaded all instruments will take some time to install. You can leave the list and continue playing music in ClefTunes while the instruments install in the background. Of course, quitting ClefTunes will interrupt the downloads and installation processing.

In order to make playing tunes easier, ClefTunes supports key signatures. Without setting any key signatures, you could utilize the sharp and flat buttons:

Tapping each will toggle all the notes to be sharp or flat, until the next time you tap the buttons.

If you select a key signature from the key signatures list, accessible from the key icon in the lower right corner, you will then see the key signature reflected next to the treble and bass clefs.

While a key signature is active, if you tap on the natural button , you can undo the effects of the key signature, and you will see a natural symbol next to the the accidental notes:

Lastly, you can change the sustain of each note by using the Pedal key,

just like on a piano. While pedal mode is active, the button will show:

Now go ahead, download ClefTunes and tap out a tune! And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter… we’ve got a lot of enhancements planned for ClefTunes and would love your feedback!

* As with ClefNotes, using quality earphones or headphones will tremendously enhance the ClefTunes experience!

For now, ClefTunes is an iPad only app, although we are busy trying to fit its elegance into an iPhone/iPod Touch-sized screen. Give us a few weeks…


4 Responses to “ClefTunes”

  1. Brucepat Says:

    I bought the app and the key feature does not seem to be there. Is this coming in a future version?

    • Bruce,

      Yes, sorry. We put up the 1.5 pages in anticipation of the imminent release of ClefTunes 1.5. Don’t worry, when 1.5 makes its way through, hopefully on Monday, you will automatically be eligible for an upgrade to 1.5. Just check the App Store app to download it.

  2. Hi.

    I have CleftunesLite on my iPad, and I like it very much.

    I would like to buy Cleftunes, but I would like more features, and then of course I would pay more.
    The features I would appreciate in the future are: blank sheets to write your own music on, to play it afterwards. And an ability to record your music on iPad, to share it.

    These features, are the comming in the future?

    Best regards from Denmark

    • Thank you! Yes, the next major features will be the ability to record note presses. The note press duration will be measured and compared to your selected time signature, so playback will be more accurate. Of course, we will add a variable rest too.

      The blank sheet will have to wait until after that.

      Please give us a good review and tell your friends about us. The more popular our app is, the more we can justify enhancing it.

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