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ClefNotes 2.5 Released to App Store – March 3, 2010

New and changed in version 2.5:
– c4 note will now shift down to stay closer to Bass notes
– decreased lag of note taps on iPhone 3G models.  Other iPhones/iPods didn’t need this but will see small improvement.
– BIG Change:  Ability to download instrument files from the net
– A new view will allow management of installed instrument files, and download of new ones
– Instrument files that are not needed can be deleted
– localized sorting of instrument names
– handled a low memory issue
– when changing instruments in Settings, notes being played from last instrument were not being cancelled
– fixed high score system to accept scores higher than lowest score and lower than the highest, as a new high score entry
– changed how score is impacted by incorrect entry

We can’t wait to hear how ou all like these new changes.  And don’t forget:  quality reviews on the App Store lead to better apps!!

****Attention:  Users of ClefNotes version 2.0****

Version 2.0 has a bug in how it handles the change of instruments at the end of a level or per note.  This bug manifests itself in some games, where you can not locate a note that you hear.

This bug has been fixed in 2.1 and has been submitted to the Apple iTunes App Store.  We expect approval around January 25-30.

There is, however, a temporary work-around:  In the Settings view, please uncheck the two checkboxes that start with “New Instrument/…”.  By disabling those checkboxes, you should be able to play games and proceed through the levels.

We apologize for the inconvenience.  Please rest assured that we are here to support ClefNotes, and to continue to make it a better, more useful and more entertaining app.  To that end, please send us any suggestions or thoughts.

Version 2.1 will include the Flute and Soprano Saxophone instruments.


6 Responses to “ClefNotes Support”

  1. Thanks for writing this app. I use it almost everyday and am seeing an improvement in my pitch recognition.

    Two requests: I read predominantly in the bass clef, and am having an issue with the games focused there. The low E and middle C are the boundary notes for those exercises, but they don’t quite fit in the game screen. If you miss a note the screen scrolls out either the top note or the bottom.

    Can you make it so that I don’t have to adjust the screen everytime I miss a note?

    2nd request: a plucked bass instrument.

    • Consider the first “done”. It will be in the next release scheduled to be sent out within 24 hours, and available in the App Store within a week or so.

      As for the second, are you more interested in staccato or pizzicato? We can probably get an instrument file created pretty quickly.

  2. First, thanks for a great app!

    I have 2 requests:
    1- please add the ability to choose a speed for the notes to be played at. As a beginner the default speed is just too fast for me.

    2- When I hear a pattern of 3 or more notes I try to remember them as 1 whole melody. So if I make a mistake when answering, I’d like to be able to play my answer from the beginning again and not from the mistake.

    Thanks again!

    • 1. We’ve been thinking about this but were unsure whether we should just play each note for a little longer, like closer to one second duration, or to play a note, pause longer, and then play the next note.

      2- When I hear a pattern of 3 or more notes I try to remember them as 1 whole melody. So if I make a mistake when answering, I’d like to be able to play my answer from the beginning again and not from the mistake.

      We’ll see if we can add this to the next release. We’ve had variations on this request; musicians want to “play through” which means to just deduct the points and go on without forcing them to repeat the mistaken notes. I personally like to just correct one note, or if I get lost, I tap the Replay sequence button and play the whole sequence. I’ll add this to the wishlist.

  3. How could I play the games in F staff. Notes are only showed in G staff. Thanks

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