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Lumin Tips and Tricks

Posted in Lumin, Support on June 18, 2012 by mz
  • If you’re having trouble making the Help screen go away, tap someplace around the outside edges of the Help screen.
  • To reduce blurring from hand movement, try holding the lock button down, until you are ready to lock.  Then gently remove your finger from the lock button.  The image will get locked when your finger has released the lock button.
  • Did you lock an image, and find that it has too much motion blur, or isn’t otherwise perfect?  If you unlock the image immediately, that image will not get saved to the history.  The delay time before an image is saved to the history is configurable in the Settings app.  The animation of the lock button indicates that the image has yet to be saved to the history images.
  • If you tag an image with a title or some notes, those texts will be used when you share the image.
  • The history images will be saved until the default number of images (default is 300) have been saved.  After that, the oldest image is deleted when a new one is saved.  If an image is tagged with a title and/or note, it will never be deleted.
  • If you wish to delete an image from the history images, tap and hold on the image thumbnail.  When you see the image change under your finger, drag it out of the thumbnails and release it
  • Locking of image (and focus) can not happen if your device is vibrating or moving fast.  Both locking and focus wait for motionless moments.
  • Lock an image in any orientation (portrait, landscape, upside-down).  When you share the image, position the device so the image appears as you would like it seen, and then tap on the desired share command, and select to share the “Visible” option.  For example, if you lock an image, but wish to send a portion of the image upside-down, turn the device so the image is upside-down, and then tap on share, Twitter, and “Visible”.
  • If you want to make sure that some specific part of an object is in focus before you lock, then pan and zoom to put the section you are interested in the middle of the screen.  After a moment, auto-focus will occur for the center point of the screen.  You can lock the image then.
  • Wonder what all the tap actions are?
    • Single tap: unhide the UI
    • Double tap: zoom into the image
    • Two-finger tap: zoom out of the image
    • Three-finger tap: zoom out to 1x
    • Pinch in: zoom into image
    • Pinch out: zoom out of image
    • Single tap on the Picture-in-Picture: zoom out to 1x
    • Two-finger tap and hold: make PiP disappear or reappear
    • Swipe from the left edge of the screen, moving to the right: open the history thumbnails
    • Swipe from the right, over the thumbnails, moving to the left: close the history thumbnails
  • Need to get images to your computer fast? Use Dropbox.  When your device is within a WiFi network, it can automatically send all images to your Dropbox, in just seconds.
  • Want to change Lumin’s behavior?  See all the options by going to the Settings app and tapping on Lumin.

ClefTunes: Unusual noise spike heard between notes

Posted in Support with tags on April 17, 2010 by mz

Unfortunately, as we went from the iPad simulator to the real iPad, we discovered an unsavory spike of noise when playing notes one after another.  The spike can be heard only some of the time and seems to go away with longer sustains.

We are in contact with Apple engineers and have been assured that this problem will be fixed in an upcoming iPad OS release.  In the meantime, we are investigating alternatives and workarounds to resolve this issue even sooner.

Your patience in this matter is much appreciated.

Thank you.

ClefNotes 2.0 issue

Posted in Support on January 21, 2010 by mz

(Fixed in 2.1)

****Attention:  Users of ClefNotes version 2.0****

Version 2.0 has a bug in how it handles the change of instruments at the end of a level or per note.  This bug manifests itself in some games, where you can not locate a note that you hear.

This bug has been fixed in 2.1 and has been submitted to the Apple iTunes App Store.  We expect approval around January 25-30.

There is, however, a temporary work-around:  In the Settings view, please uncheck the two checkboxes that start with “New Instrument/…”.  By disabling those checkboxes, you should be able to play games and proceed through the levels.

We apologize for the inconvenience.  Please rest assured that we are here to support ClefNotes, and to continue to make it a better, more useful and more entertaining app.  To that end, please send us any suggestions or thoughts.

Version 2.1 will include the Flute and Soprano Saxophone instruments.