$50 for your best ClefTunes YouTube videos!

Do you have a video camera? Are you musically gifted? Can you play a tune beautifully using ClefTunes? Great!!

Here’s the deal. We want some awesome renditions of Fur Elise, no shorter than 1 minute in length, recorded in good or high quality video and uploaded to YouTube. Send the youtube link to @bitsonthego on Twitter, and make sure you include #ClefTunes_Fur_Elise. It’s that simple!

We will be selecting the three best videos, and each of the three submitters will be sent their choice of one of the following:

  • $50 sent via PayPal
  • $50 Amazon.com gift certificate
  • $50 Apple iTunes store credit

Just a few details:

  1. You probably should use ClefTunes 1.5 or later to take advantage of the key signatures
  2. It’s fine to use ClefTunes Lite; However, if your video is selected as a winner, you will be asked to resubmit the video using ClefTunes (we’ll provide you a free copy) before we send you your prize
  3. You may wish to use an audio cable between your iPad and the camera to best record the music

Questions? Leave a comment here.

* YouTube is a trademark of Google, Inc.


6 Responses to “$50 for your best ClefTunes YouTube videos!”

  1. What if I have a friend play some of the notes while I play the rest?

  2. Can I play a different song? How about the Imperial March using the French Horns?

    • Practice that and get really good at it. We’ll have an open submission phase a little later. Stay tuned…

      We’d love to see (& hear) the 5th Symphony, 40th Symphony, Paint it Black, William Tell, …

  3. anonymous Says:

    Why are you doing this?

    • We want to see exactly how you use ClefTunes, what impedes you, and what can be improved to make the playing of music in ClefTunes smoother and more fluid.

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