ClefNotes 2.0 issue

(Fixed in 2.1)

****Attention:  Users of ClefNotes version 2.0****

Version 2.0 has a bug in how it handles the change of instruments at the end of a level or per note.  This bug manifests itself in some games, where you can not locate a note that you hear.

This bug has been fixed in 2.1 and has been submitted to the Apple iTunes App Store.  We expect approval around January 25-30.

There is, however, a temporary work-around:  In the Settings view, please uncheck the two checkboxes that start with “New Instrument/…”.  By disabling those checkboxes, you should be able to play games and proceed through the levels.

We apologize for the inconvenience.  Please rest assured that we are here to support ClefNotes, and to continue to make it a better, more useful and more entertaining app.  To that end, please send us any suggestions or thoughts.

Version 2.1 will include the Flute and Soprano Saxophone instruments.


2 Responses to “ClefNotes 2.0 issue”

  1. Is ClefNotes 2.1 a free update for owners of 2.0? If it is, how do I download it?

    • Yes, 2.1 is a free update for all users. There are two ways to update, 1. use the AppStore app on your iPhone/iPod Touch and check the updates sections, or, 2. Use iTunes on your Mac or PC to look for app updates. Either of these two ways should give you notification of new apps, including ClefNotes 2.1, if it hasn’t already been updated.

      We hope you enjoy the new version!

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