Bland buttons…

Surprisingly, Apple’s default style for buttons on the iPhone is pretty bland.  Which is not the case for many Apple provided apps.  So, while Apple is providing us developers with a bland style, they are going into some trouble to make their buttons look nicer.

Why Apple doesn’t just provide two or three styles of buttons, is beyond me.

Here is what the screen looks like with the default buttons:flat-buttons

My first attempt at beautification wasn’t that exciting:


The buttons still look pretty flat.  Looking at what Apple is doing with many of their buttons, it seems like they are shading the bottom of a gradient, thus acheiving a pseudo 3D look.  Applying that here:


The app is pretty much complete.  I’m making a list of people to test it.  The thing that I find funny is how I have probably spent over 2 or 3 times as much time trying to do the graphic design work as I have on the actual source code that runs behind the graphical interface!  I think it would be nice if I could find myself a competent graphic artist – I’m not one.


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