New Key Layout

Ok, so I am still stuck on the keyboard layout.  Last I left you, my new layout was this:

No "." or "E/-"

No "." or "E/-"

Playing around with this layout, and watching other people play around with it, I realized that fingers had to move all over the screen to tap out the numbers.  That made me change the layout to the following:

picture-9I think this grouping allows for faster number tapping.  However, I sort of have a problem with an uncentered keypad.  Yet, by centering it, I kill a lot of screen real estate I want to use in other ways.  And if it is to be off to one side, then why not on the left side?

(I had one crazy idea: scrap the keypad entirely, and just show a pile of numbers at the bottom of the screen and let people flick numbers up in order…)


One Response to “New Key Layout”

  1. Oh please! A calculator number pad.

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