What, no ‘click’ sound? No ‘bonk’? No SysBeep()?

I want my iPhone app to play a system beep when the user presses the wrong key and to play a click sound as the user types on my custom keypad.

I went off and look for what I thought should be a simple standard API call. I find that maybe

AudioServicesPlaySystemSound (theSound);

will do what I need. Looking into it, I am surprised how much work is involved.

Trusting that there must be some easier method, like SysBeep(), or ClickSnd() – after all, haven’t OS’s as far back as early UNIX provided simple little sound routines like that? – I spent much time Googling and looking through SDK documentation.  Is it possible that the iPhone, with all it’s sound capabilities, does not have such calls?

I’m not a sound guru. I loathe having to create .caf or .wav in order to do something that is not the focus of my app, and an area that I have little expertise in. A good SDK is supposed to free you from doing mundane stuff, and allow you to focus on bringing your expertise to life.

Looks like, though, that I have to go off and figure out how to make a click sound and a “bonk” sound.

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