Keypad view is working

I got quite a bit accomplished today.  I got the typepad view to show a keypad, made the keypad live, wrote the underlying code to check the user’s input against the stored number, and display only those digits that are correct.

Next, I want to add the functionality to make click sound as correct digits are pressed on the keypad, and to make a bonk noise if the entry is incorrect.

Right now I am thinking that the user gets two attempts for each digit to get it right, and then I display the correct value.  Now, I have the option of adding the correct value to the end of the string of digits, or I can just flash the appropriate key on the keypad, indicating that that is the key to press.  I’m not sure which will do a better job of helping the user memorize a number.

I still have plenty more to do.  After the sound and last digit handling, I need to add a timing mechanism – the user only gets so much time to enter each digit – and a scoring mechanism to show how well the user has down and whether they have improved over time.

Here is what the new view looks like:


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